The La Torche School of Surfing offers in addition to it’s courses, a service of equipment rental. We offer surfboard hire (Longboard, Malibus, Evolutions, Shortboards), Bodyboard, Wetsuits and Fins (Flippers).

PricesTerms and ConditionsQualitySecurityDeposit
1 heure / 1 hour 10€ 7€ 7€ 2€
2 heures / 2 hours 15€ 10€ 10€ 3€
3 heures / 3 hours 20€ 15€ 15€ 4€
4 heures / 4 hours 25€ 20€ 20€ 5€
1 jour / 1 day 35€ 25€ 25€ 8€
2 jours / 2 days 45€ 35€ 35€ 10€
3 jours / 3 days 55€ 45€ 45€ 13€
4 jours / 4 days 65€ 55€ 55€ 16€
5 jours / 5 days 75€ 65€ 65€ 20€
6 jours / 6 days 85€ 75€ 75€ 25€

TWENTYNINE Surf Shop (and it’s affiliates) can not pretend to guess the level of surf experience of each of it’s customers and can not be held responsible in case of injury, accident or death during the practice of surfing with the school’s rental equipment. Each person is surfing under his / her own responsibility, knowing his / her level of and the possible risks related to currents, tides, weather, fauna and flora of the environment and the aquatic environment in Brittany.

TWENTYNINE will not be liable for any cause whatsoever in the event of a dispute arising to the customer, concerning the breakage, loss or theft of the surf material.

In equipment rental cases (board, wetsuit, etc…) without pre-booking of course or lesson, the customer implicitly recognises the technical competence to use only the equipment that he has rented. As soon as the equipment is taken into account, the customer is under his sole responsibility for third parties and the equipment entrusted to him /her. In no event shall TWENTYNINE Surf Shop be liable, including for professional liability.

TWENTYNINE draws the attention of it’s customers to the obligation to be properly insured in civil liability and insurance abroad for the practice of the Surf. No refunds will be made for reasons related to bad surfing conditions – or even bad or unfavorable weather condition

We reserve the right to close the rental department if we consider the conditions too dangerous.

All our combinations are maintained by BACTERLESS. BACTERLESS® makes it possible to treat the hygiene of the material for intensive and professional use. It is biodegradable non-flammable, non-irritating and non-corrosive.


The practice of surfing is open and free. However, it is necessary to:

· Respect beach zoning
· Use equipment appropriate to your level of practice and in good condition
· Never surf in stormy weather
· Not presume his / her abilities and begin his / her learning in surf spots where one can touch the ocean floor
· Respect the rules of priority and courtesy in order to avoid collisions
· Assist people in difficultyé
· Find out about local regulations (municipal bylaws)

For any equipment rental, an information sheet will be given to you to fill out, and an identification and / or deposit check will be requested according to the borrowed material.

In case of deterioration:

· A small ding, a light scratch or an abnormal dent (rail, nose, tail …): 15 €
· If the foam interior of the board takes water, infiltration less than 3cm: 30 €
· Infiltration greater than 5cm, broken fin or encounter with another board: 90 €
· Fin torn or broken: 11 € (per fin)
· Plug of fin lost or extracted: 30 € (per plug)



Contact us to know the weather conditions and the opening of the rental point!
Contact at 02 98 58 53 80